29 março 2012

Codorniz / Common Quail

Codorniz/Common Quail, Coturnix coturnix - Lisboa

Há já alguns anos, esta codorniz foi encontrada morta junto a um dos edifícios da FCUL. Causa de morte? Colisão com um vidro. Nunca chegou a África./A few years ago, this common quail was found dead next to one of the FCUL buildings. Cause of death? Collision with a glass. It never made it to Africa.

2 comentários:

  1. in my province there was a water ox who charged his head on a tree again and again. it was weird for me to think it's suicide but the ox died days after

  2. Perrine, in this case the bird failed to recognize the glass as an obstacle and flew against it -- which is unfortunately very common. But with the water ox -- who knows? Animals in captivity sometimes do terrible things to themselves, like for instance, depressed parrots who pluck out their feathers (and sometimes even more than that, I have been told).